Iceland This little island country needs no introduction – just enjoy the photos.
A Misty Morning A look into some hiking around the South Mountain Reservation.
Flying the Golden Hour Nothing beats the amber glow of a sunset at 3,500ft.
Sunset Stall We slowed down to 60 knots with flaps down to 30°. Then we went full power with nose up attitude, continuing to pull back on the yoke.
Airfield Hopping What a weekend! My flight instructor introduced me to a gem by Pittstown, NJ – Sky Manor Airport – that has a café right by the taxiway. After we landed, we waved at excited kids cheering on pilots taking off and landing. We did three airports this weekend – Sky Manor, Solberg, and Morristown.
Looking Down East Broadway You can almost hear the white noise of passing cars, the bustle of street vendors making a sale, and the smell of hot food just by looking at this picture. It also makes me miss pre-covid days. But getting that feeling out of a photo usually requires some editing to get that “pop” and dark […]
Flying the Skyline The views around Jersey City and Manhattan never get old, rain or shine.
Winter Flying 2020-2021 A look back to some winter flying over New Jersey 🤙

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