Salt Water & Stalls

When you reach Asbury Park from the West at 2,500ft and start a right 30° bank angle turn, the entire Jersey Shore just opens up into this beautiful stream of sand running South as far as the eye can see.

Starting the right turn south

When you fly south enough near Atlantic City, the views get nicer with barrier beaches and wetlands exposing earthy coastal tones.

Everywhere you look, the coastal views from this altitude are stunning.

And then heading north, the coast opens up again. Before heading home, of course, we practice some stalls 🤙

Heading back to Morristown, we passed New Brunswick and even got to fly over Rutgers Stadium (my alma mater)!

Up this high, problems on the ground just seem trivial. And that’s why I fly. It’s a great escape where my focus is on flying the aircraft and my troubles and worries are literally miles away.