George Lucas wasn’t entirely original when he crafted the flight deck of the Millennium Falcon.

The flight decks of the Millennium Falcon and the B-29 Bomber are nearly identical in design – and we got a nice closeup of this four-engine Superfortress a couple weeks ago a little demonstration at Trenton-Mercer Airport.

One of my favorite planes, the P-51D Mustang, also made a few flybys.

We even got to see a Frontier Airbus A320 land in front of us on the ramp.

Besides the incredibly rude pilot from the CAF Air Power Squadron who had no idea how to secure his PT-13 Stearman, the event was interesting. We found it really odd that they advertised the PT-13 Stearman on their website with a child inside the cockpit but the second my son touched the tail of the aircraft, we were scolded about “not touching the aircraft.” Not a great way to build a customer base…