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Flights Across New Jersey

I remember the ironworkers on the Verrazano Bridge all asking me why I walked around with a camera all the time. Photography and film was my way of documenting and learning. I would take my photos and videos home and scroll through the images to see how the work was done, why it was done that way, and then engraining those memories – that’s how I built experience over a decade doing construction. I’m a visual learner and that’s predominantly how I got good at what I do. Now I’m applying the same to my flying lessons.

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Flying the Golden Hour

Nothing beats the amber glow of a sunset at 3,500ft.

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Sunset Stall

We slowed down to 60 knots with flaps down to 30°. Then we went full power with nose up attitude, continuing to pull back on the yoke.

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Airfield Hopping

What a weekend! My flight instructor introduced me to a gem by Pittstown, NJ – Sky Manor Airport – that has a café right by the taxiway. After we landed, we waved at excited kids cheering on pilots taking off and landing. We did three airports this weekend – Sky Manor, Solberg, and Morristown.

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Winter Flying 2020-2021

A look back to some winter flying over New Jersey 🤙

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Flying the Jersey Shore

What a trip! My flying lesson at the Jersey Shore was nothing short of breathtaking. Here’s a little video I put together of my exciting flight!


Salt Water & Stalls

When you reach Asbury Park from the West at 2,500ft and start a right 30° bank angle turn, the entire Jersey Shore just opens up into this beautiful stream of sand running South as far as the eye can see.

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Smooth Flying

“I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things.”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Part of my flight training is learning how to handle my aircraft in different scenarios and circumstances while understanding basic flight functions. The four forces affecting flight are lift, load, drag, and thrust. Manipulating these four forces can make you do cool things like this: