Flights Across New Jersey

I remember the ironworkers on the Verrazano Bridge all asking me why I walked around with a camera all the time. Photography and film was my way of documenting and learning. I would take my photos and videos home and scroll through the images to see how the work was done, why it was done that way, and then engraining those memories – that’s how I built experience over a decade doing construction. I’m a visual learner and that’s predominantly how I got good at what I do. Now I’m applying the same to my flying lessons.

Attaching my little action cam to the front windshield of the Cessna 172 allows me to see my maneuvers from the perspective of my instructor.

I’ll never forget my first stall practice. I kept pulling back on the yoke thinking I was “easing” the aircraft away from it’s dive when in actuality, I was stalling the aircraft more. Looking back at the video, I was able to see the mistake I made in real-time and correct it on my next lesson.

The video below is a more in-depth take on my Airfield Hopping video. This one focuses more on the landings. Enjoy the clip.